What Makes These Pastors Tick? Get To Know Ken And Aaron

Better Together
Get to Know Your Pastors

If you've been around New Heights Church for any amount of time you have heard us talk about living better together. Pastors Ken Johnson and Aaron Elliott model this as they multiply each other's impact. Today, we asked them what specifically one brings out of the other and how their ministry is Better Together.

Question for Ken and Aaron, What do each of you unlock in the other?

Ken: Aaron puts my feet on the ground. I am a visionary, I will never stop being that guy. Aaron gives me benchmarks. I am focused on where we want to go, Aaron is working where we are. I need Aaron, he loves systems and builds structures. When I first met with Aaron, within one week he had caught me up on all of my work. Aaron is a living reality of what living Better Together is. I NEED Aaron.

Aaron: Ken unlocks a generosity of Spirit. Ken doesn’t just "speak it," he "lives it." He shows that it is truly better to give than receive. He brings out faith, conviction, perseverance, and hope in others. He is like a turtle on a fence post, someone put him there! Ken is easy to follow.

Life, ministry, and Church are Better Together. These are not just words, it is a value that is foundational to New Heights Church. Without you, we wouldn't be the same! Join us on September 29th at 10:30 AM for our Grand Opening. Be sure to invite your friends and family!

Elizabeth Caudle